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You’ve chosen the gold package! Below is an explanation of the how our design process works. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime!
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Website Package » How It Works

1. We'll start with your logo
1. We'll start with your logo
The marketing design process begins with your logo. The logo is the most important element, since the rest of your marketing materials will be designed around the look and feel of it.
2. Move into Website design and development
2. Move into Website design and development
Once we’ve created your logo, we can then move on to developing a website for you. When creating your website design, we will utilize the style and colors from your new logo to ensure brand consistency.
3. Brochure Time
3. Brochure Time
The next step is creating your brochure. First, we’ll design the cover, which is the most important page since it’s the first thing your prospects will see. Once you’ve approved the cover design, we’ll move onto laying out the inside pages.
4. How about a business card
4. How about a business card
Last, but certainly not least, we will create a business card for your brand. Once finalized, we will prepare print ready files that you can simply hand off to your printer.
5. May we suggest a few companies?
5. May we suggest a few companies?
Once we have finished designing your NEW creative marketing package, don\'t stop there! Now that you have the files for your marketing materials we will need to send them over to a printer. Here are a few printers that we work with on a regular basis.

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